Monday, March 1, 2010

I just noticed this...but...did you ever notice how the Line 6 Pod looks like a butt? Yeah, it sounds like one, too.


  1. I disagree (on the sound part). I just got a Floor POD X3 and the X3 series sounds great to my ears. It does great things to my synths and guitars. Then again, I'm doing pop productions with a heavy electronic element, so maybe it just works for my needs.

    -Tom N

  2. They do the job, of course, and the floor X3 is much better than this one, but to me, there is nothing better than a tube amp with a good mic and preamp. That's the way all of the best guitar-based records have been recorded throughout the years, and that's the way the most respected guitarists still record their guitars. It's extremely versatile, very useful, very unique, and don't get me wrong, Line 6 makes probably the best out of all of the modelers, but to me there's no comparison.

    On the latest podcast I did a QUICK segment where I compared my Fender tube combo compared to the Amplitube Fender emulation with the same mic in the same place, and they don't sound nearly the same.

    Again though, whatever works for your music. I definitely am not opposed to using emulations for things like synths or drums, but for guitars, I am a tube amp fanatic!